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28 May 15

My shiny new website is finally live! Hurrah!

When I went freelance back in October and started looking at designing my new site I knew I wanted some form of branding for it. I’d been playing around with geometric shapes, and ended up with something that was a combination of my initials.


I eventually narrowed it down to one I liked, and toyed with the ideas of using the different colours from the logo to represent different types of work on my blog and portfolio.


Next job was to design my website, although I hadn’t done much web design before. Thankfully I had my awesome friend Amber on hand to help me out. After asking her a million questions I sent over some images of how I wanted it to look – the portfolio, blog etc, and she worked her magic and built it exactly as I’d imagined it looking… seriously, Amber, you’re a star!

I’m so excited to finally share it! Have a nosy around, click on EVERYTHING, and if anything doesn’t seem quite as it should be, let me know! :)