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30 Nov 09

As I’m not at work during the week this week I need to catch up on as much as possible, and as I’m supposed to be documenting all that on here I though I’d put a list on here. That way, when I haven’t complete it you can all give me grief!

First up is the group project:
We’re aiming to have all the set stuff done for Thursday so we can use Friday to do some line tests. My jobs are to do the set for the flashback in the Granny’s house, which I’ve done, the piles of rubbish for building up the outside sets, which I want to try get done tomorrow, to design a 2D pensioner for the background characters and a few props for the granny to kick about, which i’ll hopefully get done tomorrow too, but failing that Wednesday. Tonight I’ve been typing up out plan of action time table thing so we know what we’re aiming to do as a group over the next few weeks. I also need to finish the script now that I’ve had some input from the guys, and it needs a little rejigging just so the ending flows a little better.
Next to do is my live brief:
I had to do a small presentation today so that my lecturer Dave knows where I’m at with everything. I had hoped to start making the maquettes this week and start making the clay models ready to cast the moulds, but it seems I need to work on the story. Dave suggests I do more stuff that can only be achieved as easily using animation, I guess, if this was for a client, as a way of justifying doing it in animation rather than live action which would be less time consuming. So I need to add a lot more to it. I did want to add more to it anyway but I was worried it might be too much, so Dave suggesting I should means I can just go for it. It’s a good thing but it does mean it’ll slow me down a little reworking it and redoing story boards. I also wanted to get more of my character designs down this week, so maybe I’ll do all that on Thursday if I manage to get all the group stuff done according to plan.
Tuesday:       Outdoors Sets for Group project
                       Editing Script
                       Props – rubbish and granny’s trolley
                       2D Pensioner
Wednesday: Completing any work from Tuesday 
                       Make a start on the next tasks if possible…
Thursday:     Rework story for live brief
                       Rework story boards, draw up plan of layout.
                       Character Designs finalized 
Friday:          Line test in group
                       Wire armatures for maquettes.
Well, I’m not so sure how well all that will go but here’s hoping! Will try and post stuff as I do it so I can see what I have actually managed to get done.


29 Nov 09

Man I’m glad this week is over ’cause I am POOPED! have been working all weekend, but managed to get a little work done, but not a lot unfortunately. One thing I almost managed to finish is the background for the group animation I’m doing with Sam, Katie and Karl. It’s the background for Granny’s house in the flashback scene. Still have the cupboard handles to do though, and a lot more other scenes! 

live brief…

19 Nov 09

So these are two of the characters for my Live Brief which is for E4. These are pretty rushed (especially the colouring) because I needed something for my presentation, but they kinda show what i’m going for; something simple as they’ll be made into 3D puppets.

I was going to make one cast to make all of the puppets from silicone, but it’s going to be better to make two; one male, one female. I could have added padding to alter the shape of the figure, but I don’t want them to be the same height, plus the feet will be an issue, but i’m going to have to address that when it’s not silly o’clock. I need to work out properly how they’re going to be made as the heads will be made from polymer clay, and something needs to be done with the feet when it comes to creating the tie-downs because silicone doesn’t like you gluing stuff to it!


19 Nov 09

At college the other morning we were split into 3 groups and given a camera and a computer with frame thief on and told to create a short piece using pixelation – stop motion using people.

Straight away my group (Sam, Sophie, Charlotte and Gary) started brainstorming what props we could use. Gary’s suggestion that we used the bin lead to a brief idea for the storyline which we worked out the basics for then, after assigning roles, we got stuck in with the animating! Charlotte worked the camera and captured the images, Sam and Sophie were the “puppets” and me and Gary animated the inanimate objects! though by the end it all crossed over and I did a little camera work too, using the zoom and moving it whilst Charlotte captured the image.
Working together was great, especially as, with the exception of Sam, I was working with people I hadn’t worked with before, but we all got on great, put our ideas forward and took everyone else’s ideas on board.

18 Nov 09

This crazy woman is the inspiration for my tiny knitting, though hers is even SMALLLLER than mine…