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26th April – 2nd May

25 Apr 10

Last weeks plans didn’t go too well after MORE modelling problems!

Fixing the Model is going to eat into this weeks time too so that’s going to have a knock on effect.
Basically, it’s all going terribly wrong, and three weeks before hand in and the end of the course!
This is the Timetable I’d already planned out for the week ahead…
Monday 26th April: Make Foil base for head and add layer of Sculpey. Cut and dye fabric for model.
Tuesday 27th April: Tacking and Sewing clothes for model. Add detail to head. Make facial features (mouths). Paint models feet. Paint head and features. Recast Models arms. Tidy up feathering on edges of model.
Wednesday 28th April: Finish dressing Model (hat). Start Models Hair. Finish colouring E4 sets. Print sets, character board and storyboard.
Thursday 29th April: Finish Models Hair. Cut out Sets. Mount sets, storyboard and character board. Tidy up model with silicone solution.
Friday 30th April: WORK. Put E4 Storyboards together ready for print. Put character board together ready to print. Annotate storyboard.
Saturday 1st May: WORK.
Sunday 2nd May: Type up Research. Type up Development. Finish all sets. Finish Model. ALL READY TO ANIMATE.
I have also had to fit in the following:
*Recast model to fix air bubbles in arms.
*Tidy up edges of model and remove feathering.
Dave is going to give us a list of things to do each week so that is going to have to fit in somewhere too! goodness knows where though! I think I might have to rule out having any sleep for the next three weeks!
I also still have the following things to do, left over from last week:
*Add Fingers to band armature
*Flesh out band armature with plasticine
*Make Box for bands mould
*Start drawing up E4 sets
*Colour up E4 sets and colour in PS ready to print
*CV, cover letter , business card
*Commentaries on portfolio pieces
*Gather stuff for showreel
The one and only positive from this week; my presentation went better than I expected!

E4 Storyboards…

20 Apr 10
So I didn’t get all of todays jobs done, but I did get one of tomorrows done: the E4 storyboards. There’s only 7 frames so I thought I might as well do them. I decided to colour the linework navy just to give it a softer look, plus it tied in with the nautical theme…

The colour looked a bit flat, so I decided to add a texture. This also gives a better idea of how I want the final piece to look; a little weathered and old…

19th April – 25th April

20 Apr 10

So, after a bit of a disaster with the moulds for the band (photos to follow shortly) I have had to have a whole re-jig of my plans!

The result? Well for hand in I’m now doing an E4 10 second esting. I’ll be doing stop motion, and making use of the Alice mould and armature that I’ve already made.
In the meantime I’ll be making a generic model for the bands video to make a mould from using the same RTV silicone used for the alice mould, and making 5 generic models for the video which will then be dressed as the characters.
I’ve planned out the next 4 weeks so that I can try and get everything I want done in time, though I’ve already hit a snag in the form of a 10 minute presentation on friday! so that means researching and preparing for that, AND losing pretty much a whole day on friday when we all have to present them! ack! So I’m currently trying to get ahead of myself!
This weeks plan looks like this…
Monday 19th April: Analyse Brief. Come up with 6 concepts. Band meeting 5.30pm. Paint Alice mould with Vaseline solution.
Tuesday 20th April: Choose 2 concepts and develop further. Make bands generic armature (x 5)Pour silicone into Alice mould
Wednesday 21st April: Draw up storyboards for Final Concept, scan and start to colour in PSPhotograph Granny Model for Portfolio.
Thursday 22nd April: Finish colouring E4 storyboardsStart drawing up E4 Sets. Put Presentation together for friday.
Friday 23rd April: PRESENTATIONS. Character Design/ Boards for E4. Colour up boards in PS. Draw up final sets for E4, scan and start to colour.
Saturday 24th April: At Work. Evening: Mock up CV, cover letter and business card.
Sunday 25th April: AM: Typing up research PM: work
But like I say, I need to fit into that the following things that Dave wants done this week…
*10 minute presentation on Skillset and potential employers etc. for Friday 23rd April, 9am.
*Commentaries on portfolio pieces
*Mock-up of CV, cover letter and business card ideas for Monday 26th April
*Final Show ideas. (fortunately I started this over easter!)

More Animals…

14 Apr 10
I’ve drawn up the animals for the video and started colouring them up. To create the movement in the video I’ll be doing another 2 heads for each character to create a sudden movement when they look at the camera. Some of the smaller animals will be popping up from behind things so for those I might create different heads so that the ears move when they pop up, especially for the rabbit. So here’s a few so far…


12 Apr 10

Whilst waiting for plaster moulds to dry today (i’ll update about their progress soon) I started drawing up ideas for the animals in the music video i’m doing. The animals in the video will be 2D, drawn in photoshop and mounted on card and cut out with replacements to create the movement, so there will be a number of cut out images for each character in various poses and as they are swapped this will create the movement, just like normal pose to pose animation but using actual cut out pieces… that might not make sense, this video below shows the idea, it’s pretty cool because it shows you how they’ve made all the pieces and stuff to do the animation…