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Business shizzle…

29 May 10
I haven’t updated much recently, but this isn’t actually because I no longer need to, I do plan on keeping up with my blog even though college has finished, but I’ve only really been working on final show stuff and as it’s things that I’ll be showing I didn’t want to ruin it by putting the images up on here… 
I have been continuing to take a few screen shots and plan on taking photos of other stuff I’m making so once final show has opened I’ll stick them up, along with some photos from the show itself.
For now, here are the final designs for my business cards. Estimated delivery date is 2 days AFTER final show, which isn’t very useful, but I’m hoping they might arrive within a week, if not I’m going to have to knock up some rubbishy temporary ones. Boooooo…

making a little progress…

21 May 10
… but very very slowly…


21 May 10

… this is my first post since handing in all my work for the end of my course! sad times, but there’s still final show so it ain’t over yet!

So what have I been up to since then? Well, working mostly! but I’ve had a couple days off and have been doing some bits and pieces.
The last two days were spent doing some images for a friend. He wanted some characters for the showreel for his companys website; something really basic, and had a list of scenarios for the characters to act out. We finally agreed on a design for the characters and I drew a bunch of them up in photoshop. 
Here’s some of the finished ones, they’re going to be on an orange background on the website so I’ve stuck one on here so you can see how they look, one of the guys putting the showreel together is going to animate them too, move the heads and whatnot so they don’t look so static…
Today I FINALLY made a start on final show stuff :s it’s not looking too promising though, I have a week to get all my stuff in for print, which includes, hopefully, 5 digital paintings, which are taking AGES, and I’m working a lot so that doesn’t leave me much time to do it all, so it’s probably going to be a little bit of a disappointment as I’ve already had to cut a lot of stuff :(
I’ve drawn up 3 of the images I want to do so that I’ll at least have 3 completed ones (hopefully!) and then I can try and find time to do the other 2. They’re all images of Mabel and her husband, Arthur. I have a photo from their wedding day in 1946, a photo from a holiday in Brighton in 1950, and a photo from Mabels 70th birthday when she gets her pet cat (who needs a name, suggestions are welcome!) as a present from her hubby… the last present she’ll ever get from him! 
These are all going to be painted digitally, something I haven’t really done a lot of… well, in fact I’ve done it twice, so probably not a wise move. The inspiration is from this Future Lions poster. There’s a few on the walls in the studio at college, turns out it’s done in Photoshop which is pretty crazy. I love the look of it, so I’m hoping to achieve something similar and give my characters a more 3D look, it’s not going to be to that standard but hopefully it’ll work… ish…
Well here’s one of the images, this is the beach holiday one…

I’ve gone about colouring it the same way I did the portraits in previous posts; with a coloured outline and blending it in. The image is pretty basic, but as it’s not my strong point and I don’t have a photo to reference it’s taking some time to do…
Fingers crossed I get them finished so that I have something to actually show at Final Show!! :s

S.W.O.T analysis – Overview of academic year 2009 – 2010

12 May 10

So before I print all my blog off for hand-in, I thought it would be a good idea to do a brief analysis of the last year so that I can highlight areas that need improved so I can work on them over the summer:

   Research – I feel that when it comes to research I explore every possible avenue, trying to think outside the box to draw inspiration from unusual sources. My research files usually pull in my best marks.
   Photoshop – over the last year my skills in photoshop have developed a lot more, though there is still some way to go.
   2.5D animation – this was my strength last year as I am able to produce nice clean work which works well in 2.5D, this needs to be revisited so I can build on this strength.
   Model Making –  although I haven’t been overly pleased with the models I have produced I do think that it is a strength of mine and during the processes I am learning a lot so hopefully my skills will improve.

   Cinema 4D – 3D modeling and rigging – I’ve bought a book for this so that I can work through tutorials over the summer and grasp a basic knowledge of how to model characters. I will also learn new skills by working through tutorials on the greyscalegorilla website.
   Illustrator –  I do most of my work in photoshop but being able to create vector art would be a massive bonus. Again I have bought a book that I can work through over the summer and will be setting myself little projects.
   Life Drawing – Having only done a weeks life drawing classes in first year, I need to add to these skills, there are a number of classes over the summer which I hope to attend, and I will also be using to work on my drawing skills.
   Producing Sound – I need to think more about the sound when developing concepts as this is a massive weakness of mine, or I need to find another source to produce a sound track for me or with me.

   In order to improve my skills in these areas I will be using and working through the archive of topics and producing work either hand drawn, in Cinema 4D or in Illustrator, trying to stay away from using the media I feel comfortable with.

   Music Video – producing a music video for local band Odd Shaped Head will be an opportunity to fine tune my modeling and stop motion skills, and get my work out there.
   Boreal Wallets –  producing wallet designs for an online store, again this gets my work out there as they also advertise the artists who produce the work.
   Festivals – producing work for festivals over the summer, or submitting the bands music video.
   Freelance work – the possibility of freelance work over the summer will help add to my portfolio and showreel and possibly provide opportunities to learn new software.
   Funding – applying for funding in order to buy the equipment I need to set up freelance.

   Other animators – those who are more experienced than me and have better skills.

business cards, sneak preview…

10 May 10

I can’t imagine I’ll be updating much this week… or maybe I will in order to put off doing scary work stuff for hand in.

This is for part of my hand in though; my business card designs.
I decided to go for the mini cards from Well, I say ‘decided’ I’ve known all along I wanted that size and hadn’t really considered normal sized ones. It’s only £11.99 for 100 of them, and you can upload up to 100 images so each card can be different. Bargain ay?

Well 100 images is a little too much, so I’ve opted for four. These four images will make up a full image when pieced together, kinda like collectors cards. There will be 3 panels which I am having 30 of each printed, then the fourth panel will only have 10 printed, and they’ll be numbered; card 1, 2, 3 or 4. Of course the idea isn’t really to collect them, it’s just a bit of geeky fun, no one needs 4 of my business cards anyway!
These will tie in with the website though, as the main page will (hopefully) be of these four panels, so anyone who has a card and visits the website will see the whole image anyway. The idea is, if it’s possible, to have each of the four panels as a hyperlink (or whatever you call it) to a page on my website, for example panel one will lead to my illustration page, panel two to my animation page and so on. These will be labelled of course, I’m thinking scanned in masking tape and a hand drawn font.

If everything I want to do is possible then there’ll be some other fun sneaky bits too, but we wouldn’t want to spoil it all would we?

So for now here’s the cards so far. I still need to add the shrubbery for the floating heads to pop up from, the woodland floor and a whole bunch of other little fun details…