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People of Shoreditch

26 Feb 15

When I worked for Mind Candy, my office was based in Shoreditch, and one of the reasons I loved it was the people.

Without fail, on my morning walk from Old Street Station to the Tea Building, I’d see all sorts of folks in interesting outfits – from cyber punks to goths, and obviously, being shoreditch, a LOT of hipsters.

I toyed with the idea of doing a little tumblr with doodles of the people I saw and their outfits, but as with a lot of these little side projects it fell by the wayside in favour of paid work.

This week, as I was sorting through an old hard drive I came across a few of the images so I thought I’d post them here.


Happy New Year!

19 Feb 15

February 19th is Chinese New Year, and this year its the Year of the Sheep!

According to Chinese Horoscopes, Sheep are very creative and make good craftspeople and artisans.

Sheep… crafting… it had to be a knitting based illustration, of course!

P.S. It’s also known as year of the Goat or Ram, traditionally it would be the Goat, but the Chinese character for Yang can be translated as Goat, Ram or Sheep…  obviously I chose Sheep for this one!

Year of the Sheep

Year of the Sheep


12 Feb 15


Just a quick little update today as I’ve been playing around with creating seamless repeat patterns in Illustrator and thought I’d share it.

I clearly have a thing about burgers and fries…



05 Feb 15

Just a fun little bit of lettering I did recently on my lunch break.

The idea of using shapes had been rattling round in my head so decided to have a play with it.