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Just Coasting

30 Apr 15

I recently bought a coffee table on ebay – a 1960’s G Plan coffee table, and it was an absolute bargain! Not only that, but the seller dropped it off for me (bonus!).

It needs a little work as there’s a patch where the previous owners sanded through the veneer, but with a little love it’s going to be perfect.

To keep it nice and mug-ring-free after I’ve lovingly restored it, I want some pretty coasters. Turns out there aren’t many coasters out there that are worth getting excited about… shocking, I know!

If like me you’re a tiiiiny bit of a neat freak and also know that it’s the little details that matter, here are a few coasters that I found during my search…

– – – – – DIY – – – – –

I’m actually tempted to try all 4 of these!…


1. Quilted Circle Coaster tutorial by Craft Foxes

2. Marble Coaster DIY by Sarah Johnson

3. Painted Cork Coasters by The Thinking Closet

4. Painted Clay Coasters by The Lovely Drawer 

– – – – – TO BUY – – – – –

I also went a little bit etsy crazy and found so many lovely coasters, here’s a few of my faves…

TO BUY1. Ceramic Doily Coaster from SpryCeramics

2. Wool Felt Raincloud Coasters from PygmyCloud

3. Hexagon Felt Coasters from feltplanet

4. Ceramic Lily Pad Coasters (which I’m totally in love with) from Damson Tree Pottery 



Sock it to me…

23 Apr 15

Miracle of miracles, I’ve actually completed some items on my WIP list! (See previous post here)

Firstly I finally managed to finish off the Hardknott Socks for myself, and I love them. This is such a great pattern as its pretty straight forward and the pattern repeats make it go pretty fast (when you’re actually working on it).

It’s a toe-up pattern which I prefer anyway as I find you get a much neater gusset and heel.


Secondly, another pair of socks, my so-called Spain Socks. There was an epic TWO YEAR gap between each sock. I used another pattern I’d knit before, and just replaced the lace panels with seed stitch as I thought it would show off the gradiated yarn, but my god they were boring to knit, so I had a severe bout of second-sock-syndrome after I finished the first.

spain socks

In the last few weeks, I not only finished the Hardknott socks, but also started and finished another pair of socks in the space of two weeks, so I kept up my momentum and figured I’d finish the bloody things once and for all, rather than have them sitting in my basket for the next year or so!

sock it to me socks

Not sure which one I’m going to tackle next, they’re all larger projects than the socks, so they’re a little more daunting, but we’ll see, would be nice to get at least half of these off my list before the year is out!

WIPs April

I should be so lucky…

16 Apr 15

I enjoyed doing my little Chinese New Year Sheep illustration so I thought I’d do another.

When I worked in Soho me and my other half used to ride a scooter into town, we’d always park outside a shop with a window full of lucky cats in all shapes and sizes. It was always closed when we arrived for work and closed when we left late too, so I never went in and bought one. One day I’ll go there especially to buy one, but for now here’s an illustration to tide me over!

lucky cat

Cabin in the woods…

09 Apr 15

Another mini, evening project, drawn in illustrator, then I played around to try make a repeat pattern (though it doesn’t quite tile, I packed in at bedtime!)

cabin 2

Embroidered Experiments

02 Apr 15

So after I did my Fries Before Guys image, I thought it might be fun as an embroidery, so last week I pulled a bunch of stuff out of my craft cupboard and gave it a go.

Firstly, “Fries before guys” just seemed a little too long, I figured I’d start with one word. I created it in illustrator then made another version that was just the outline to make it easier to trace onto fabric.


I used some calico I had knocking about, but in hindsight I should have backed it with interfacing if I’d had any as the fabric was very thin. I think it could come out pretty well, and I like the idea of using a traditional medium for a contemporary design, but after two letters I could see the fabric was just too thin and being pulled out of shape, so it’s off to the interweb to buy some interfacing for a second attempt!