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DOODLE-A-DAY AUGUST: DAYS 13 – 16 & 17 – 20

21 Aug 15

Have managed to keep up with the doodle a day challenge until day 20! not long to go to finish out the whole month!

I forgot to post days 13-16 so I have two lots to post today…

Days 13-16

Day 16 was actually my Dads birthday, so for time I went for a calendar with the date on :)

Days 17-20


The last few I actually found quite hard, I struggled to come up with icons for the words, but got there in the end.

Only 11 more to go!


12 Aug 15

Another 4 days, another 4 icons!

Man this month is going fast, I’m not sure if it’s doing these icons that makes it feel that way though!

So here’s days 9-12. Having done a to-do list for day 8, I didn’t want to do an actual book for day 9 as they’d be too similar, so I chose to do something from my favourite book!


In case you hadn’t worked it out, it’s Lord of the flies!


10 Aug 15

Saturday was the 8th of August, which means I completed the next block of 4 icons for my August Doodle-a-day challenge.

Days 5-8

6 and 7 are probably my favourite so far, I had fun creating them.

Day 8 on the other hand, I struggled with a little. Trying to think of something interesting for organised was a pretty hard. I settled on ‘organised crime’ and did a logo of a little hand gun, I wasn’t sure about it though, so I also created an icon of a little to do list as back up. When it came to putting the 4 together I chose to post the to do list instead.

Day 9’s word is “book” and I don’t really want to have 2 very similar items next to each other, so I’m going to have to come up with something less obvious for that one too.

If you want to join in, here are the words for each day, and you can also find them on Instagram on @ellolovey‘s account, and by searching the hashtag #doodleadayaug.

Image from Rhianna Wurman

Image from Rhianna Wurman


Doodle-a-day August: Days 1 – 4

06 Aug 15

Hello! It’s been a while. Seems my plans to update weekly soon dwindled as its been a bit busy recently! Work, bridesmaid duties, adulting. The usual.

Finally its August though and things have calmed down a little and I’m getting back to working on some fun little projects for myself.

One of the things I’m doing this month is the doodle-a-day challenge that Rhianna Wurman of Ello Lovey sets each month. She does the most adorable doodles and each month shares a list of prompts for folk to join in. Even her prompt lists are pretty…

Image from Rhianna Wurman

Image from Rhianna Wurman

This month I thought I’d give it a go (again!) and try and make it to the end of the month for once! To make the challenge a little simple I decided to create icons around each of the prompts; something I can create a little quicker than a drawing, so it doesn’t feel as daunting if I’m short on time, and if I do need to catch up I can do a couple at a time :)

It’s currently day 6 and I’m yet to do todays, but here’s days 1-4. I’ll be posting them in blocks rather than individually.

August Doodles 1-4

Be sure to have a look at #doodleadayaug on Instagram to see everyone else’s images!