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2016 Goals

24 Jan 16

2016 copy

So, it might seem a little too late to be setting goals, but January was a busy month, and it’s not over yet, so let’s just say better late than never, ay?

I’ve decided to set myself a few goals for the year ahead, aside from the usual list of craft projects that I still haven’t finished.

So here’s my main goals for 2016!

  1. Learn to use my camera properly – I’ve had a decent camera for a good long time now, I got it when I was at college to use when I was animating, but it never gets used properly. I don’t know anything about aperture and iso and all that malarkey, so I want to learn about all that so I can get the most of out my camera and use it more. I’m actually looking at booking a short two day course, as I learn better from hands on experience than I do from reading stuff on the web.
  2. Blog every week – so I’ve already started with this one, obviously. My aim is to have a post up every Sunday (ish, some weeks might differ slightly based on events)
  3. Pay off my student loan – the end is so very nearly in sight, and I think I can finally be rid of it before the year is out! #adulting
  4. Start a mini side project – I think about little side projects alllll the time, but hopefully this year will be the year I finally put it into action. I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I’ve started working on, so watch this space.
  5. Do one fun thing in London each month – I’ve been living in London for a little over 5 years now, and I don’t really explore much outside of a very small radius. I’ve been compiling a list of things I’d like to do; some are out-for-a-day-trip kinda things, some are spend-an-hour-on-a-sunday kinda things, and the plan is to pick something off the list each month to do on a weekend. Hopefully it’ll also give me a chance to get the camera out and get some practice in to help me with Goal No.1.
  6. Spend one day a month unplugged – Have one day a month, where I don’t use social media and have a break from my phone. I’m not sure how easy this will be as my BF is permanently attached to his phone 24/7, and it will be hard for me to switch off if he doesn’t. Will see how it goes.
  7. Send snail mail each month – I love sending snail mail, just as much as I love receiving it, and although I’m lucky enough to exchange parcels with my good friend Amber every few months, I’d love to have an old school Penpal that I don’t know. As an alternative, I’m contemplating doing a little Instagram plea for folk who would like to do a postcard swap instead. It also means I get to do some organising which I LOVE.
  8. Speaking of organising, my final goal is to Set up a proper workspace at home. Although I spend most of my weekdays working in an office, I do often work from home, but I don’t have a proper desk/workspace, just a small desk in my room that is usually pilled with craft supplies and unfinished projects. Ideally by the end of February I’d like to have a proper workspace set up with a decent size desk. I also feel like having somewhere more comfortable to sit and work at home might make me more productive when it comes to my own little projects outside of paid work.

So there we have it. I might check in over the summer to see how progress is going on these as I would hope that by then a few of these will be well under way!

Have you got any goals for 2016?