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Farewell February

28 Feb 16

So I was a bit naughty last week and failed to post anything on the blog, but you got two post the week before so I don’t feel too guilty! This week I’ve been super busy so I haven’t really got much to post as a lot of things are sitting waiting to be finished off.

Tomorrow is the last day of February, so I thought today I’d just post a little mini recap of a few things from the month…


I’ve continued to try and work through my list of WIPs and this month I finally finished the socks I started in Vegas (top left) and went back to working on my Emily Peacock Kiss Cushion (bottom left), which I had intended to spend the month of Feb finishing (so unlikely) but at least I’m back at it!

One of the things I’m most excited about from February is finally getting my work space sorted! I finally replaced the small desk and dressing table for a larger desk, a decent chair, and DRAWERS, and this weekend, with the help of PC, I put some shelves up too (top right), so I can now display some of my favourite bits and pieces. I may do a proper post on my workspace soon, once everything has found its new home!

Finally, this last week I went to the BFI to see Adam Buxton do a Bug Special all about David Bowie (bottom right). I love Adam Buxton and was lucky enough to snap up tickets for me and PC, who is a huge Bowie fan. It was a great show, Buxton is a die hard fan and picked out a lot of his favourite highlights from Bowie’s career, rather than the same popular hits that all other tributes have been showing, so it was super insightful and full of hidden gems. And hilarious of course.

March arrives on Tuesday¬†and hopefully it’ll be another good’n! I have a few fun things planned (hello Birthday month!) and a few projects that I’ve been working on that will hopefully, finally see the light of day this month!

I’ve also decided that March will be the month I finally tackle another doodle a day!

So here’s to a productive month!


The Art of Conversation

14 Feb 16

Anyone who knows me will know how much I loathe Valentine’s Day. So much so that I also avoid any “anti-valentines” activities because that means acknowledging Valentine’s day.

However, this year, depsite being a grumpy old cynic, I got this little idea in my head, and as much as it annoyed me that it’s Valentines Day themed, I couldn’t resist giving it a go to see how it turned out.

When I was in Vegas I picked up a small box of Sweethearts (or conversation hearts as they’re sometimes known). I’d actually been dying to try them to compare them to the¬†Love Hearts we have in the UK. Personally, I think they’re way better! They’re more like the texture of the Candy Sticks or Candy Letters that we have over here, and the flavours are great (meaning they actually have flavours – green apple, purple grape!).

As a result¬†I’ve become slightly obsessed and I’m hugely regretting not buying a big bag of them! hint hint

Anyway, I though it might be cute to make some Sweethearts out of salt dough, I don’t know why, but I guess you could give them out as little valentines gifts or as a keepsake/token, and it means you could put whatever message you wanted on them.


Of course they aren’t edible (unless you’re a big fan of flour, salt and chipped teeth), and they’re completely useless, but they’re fun, and pretty cute, and super easy to make!

Basic Salt dough rules: 1 part water (preferably lukewarm), 1 part salt, 2 parts plain flour. Easy peasy!

I measured out¬†a small amount of each ingredient using some measuring cups as I wanted to make multiple small batches rather than one large one. I found this was a better way to do it if you’re adding colouring and making multiple colours – I used gel food colouring and it’s a lot easier to blend if you add it to the water before adding the water to the salt and flour. If you’re using gel food colouring, you only need a tiny¬†amount, and by tiny and mean TINY – use a tooth pick to¬†scoop¬†up¬†the gel and mix it in with your water.

Note: If your dough is super sticky, you can just add more flour.

I rolled my dough out and then used a small heart cookie cutter to cut out my hearts, and used some cookie-stamp-letters that I had to press my messages on (you don’t need these though, you can just as easily draw the messages on after the salt dough is dry).

Once you’re done, you need to put them in the oven on a low heat for what feels like forever (or until the dough has dried out). I put mine in at about 80¬įC, any higher and I found that the dough puffed up a little and sometimes cracked. The time they’re in there will depend on how thick your dough is.

Once they were dry and cooled, I used a red pen to fill in the letters (or this is where you’d just write your messages on freehand if you don’t have stamps.)


That’s all there is to it!


Remember though guys, you don’t have to show someone how much you love them with a gesture¬†on the one day of the year everyone else is doing it because you feel like you’re supposed to. It’s far more meaningful and romantic to do it any old day of the year, just because you want to¬†(plus, a bunch of roses will probably cost you a hell of a lot less any other time of the year).

Happy Sunday!

Happy Galentines Day!

13 Feb 16

So I’m posting a day early this week, but only because February 13th is…


To quote Galentines’¬†founder, and all round lady-hero Leslie Knope, Galentine’s day is all about “ladies celebrating ladies”. The idea is, the day before Valentines Day, whether you’re attached or otherwise, you celebrate your friendships with your gals pals over breakfast.


To celebrate, I did a little illustration of Leslie (aka Amy Poehler)

So to all my female friends…




Chinese New Year

07 Feb 16

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, and this year is the year of the Monkey!

Last year I did a little illustration depicting the year of the sheep, so I figured I might try and do one this year too.

People who are born in the year of the Monkey are said to be clever, curious, and mischievous, and as a result are very naughty and tend to be practical jokers.

For this illustration¬†I decided to have similar elements to last years image, but also chose to¬†incorporate more of the traditional Chinese style I’d seen in a lot of the images while researching the Monkey’s traits.

So here’s my cheeky, mischievous little Monkey, to celebrate Chinese New Year 2016!

monkey copy