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Doodle-A-Day March: Day 17-24

27 Mar 16

Hello! Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter weekend and have stuffed your faces with chocolate. I certainly have, but it’s fuelled what has been a very productive weekend so I don’t feel too guilty!

As well as finishing up a bunch of projects this last week, I’ve also been keeping up with my doodle-a-day (just about!) and I have two lots to share since last weekend!

First up, days 17-20 which were inspired by Scandinavian design, with pretty straight forward responses to the prompts…

17: Luck, and 18: pour…


19: Rabbit and 20: Spring…


Days 21-24 didn’t have much of a theme as I actually struggled with what to draw for each of the prompts, so I went back to my usual style like I did for days 9-12…

Day 21 was Contrast – I drew a complete blank on this for a good while before settling on night and day. Day 22 was Carry – a little vintage style carry on case…


Day 23 was Mood – a mood ring. Day 24 was Dye, which again I really struggled with. Eventually I thought of the bowls of dry powdered dye they have on stalls in India, though I’m not sure it’s actually clear what they are supposed to be in my illustration…


These last 4 were by far the hardest prompts this month and I really struggled, but we’re nearly at the finish line! Tomorrow I’ll be finishing up days 25-28, and then there’s only 3 more left to do!

Next month I’ll be missing out on doodle-a-day to work on a different project, I think I enjoy it more when I come back to it after a break, so will be working on a few small projects over the month instead!


Doodle-A-Day March: Day 13-16

20 Mar 16

Happy Sunday!

So despite some birthday fun this week, I’ve still kept up with my March doodle-a-day images!

Here’s day 13-16. I went for a bit of a woodland theme…

The prompt for day 13 was “Connected” – two little toadstools, and Day 14 was “Butterfly” – well, this one was a no brainer…


Day 15 was “Protect”- sticking with the woodland theme I illustrated a Snail with it’s protective shell. Day 16 was “Green” so I went for some cute trees…



Doodle-A-Day March: Day 9-12

16 Mar 16

I figured I’d sneak in a little mid-week post here as I’m still doing doodle a day and have another 4 to share with you.

This time I just went for some normal illustration as I was feeling a little more inspired by the prompts and didn’t really like the last 4 as they were pretty boring.

Day 9 was ‘Interior’ and my first thought was the human body, so I went for an xray. Day 10 was ‘Coast’ so I did a cute little lighthouse by the sea…9-10

Day 11 was ‘Shade’, which made me think of beach umbrellas and parasols, and the parasols led to a Geisha, which I think is one of my favourites so far. Day 12 was ‘Exploration’ which made me think of space…


This is probably my favourite set so far. I enjoyed doing the bright neon set for days 1-4, it was a great experiment, but wasn’t really my usual style.

Im currently working on days 13-16, so will be posting those soon!


Happy Little Cloud

13 Mar 16

Earlier this week I popped into Tiger. I’m a bit obsessed with the place and can’t walk out without purchasing a bunch of unnecessary items.

This time I noticed they had what looked like lino cutting tools so figured they must sell lino too. As it turns out, they don’t, but they do have a pretty great little alternative…

I picked up a pack of two stamping plates (see below) for £2. They’re kind of like a giant erasers but they’re ideal for a little printing project as they’re cheap and easy to cut. They come with some small sheets of tracing paper included, so you just draw your design in pencil, put it face down onto the rubber and the graphite transfers onto it so you have a template to cut around. Super simple! I went for a cute little rain cloud – nothing too adventurous as I was more curious about how well it would work than what I was actually producing…


I had my own cutting tools already, so I can’t comment on the Tiger ones, but it was super easy to cut through the rubber, and the coloured layers are a handy guide to make sure you’re taking off enough of the top layer to make a clean print!

As it’s rubber and not Lino, it can have a tendency to tear when you’re trying to shave off smaller parts, so I had to sacrifice two of my raindrops after a mishap, but it was no big deal.

For a small project taking no more then an hour it was a lot of fun – obviously you can’t get the detail and precision you do with lino, but if you’re new to lino cutting and want to do a practice run, or have kids who want to have a go, then this is ideal (provided you watch them with the sharp tools!).

I used some printing ink and a roller I already had, but I’m sure you could just use some paints if you’re just playing around.


It has given me a hankering for some proper lino now though as its been a good few years since I had any! Might as well add it to my ever growing list of projects! :)


Doodle-A-Day March: Day 5-8

09 Mar 16

So here’s days 5-8 of doodle a day march, my second batch of 4.

This time I went a little more simple with flat opaque layers and a little texture, each one had one element of red too, just to pick out a detail and tie them all together.

Day 5 was “Tower” so I went for Tower Bridge. Day 6 was “Cookie”, I went for a jammy dodger – somewhat inspired by my friend Amber who calls British biscuits “cookies”…


Day 7 was “Gadget” and I chose my most favourite gadget (after my iphone of course) which is my kettle! and finally, Day 8 was “begins with ‘c'” so I went for a cactus.


I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to tackle the next 4 days, though the prompts all fit quite well together, so we shall see!