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11 Dec 09

So everyone in class is looking at Universities for next year, I’ve already done a degree so i’m not looking to do a third year, firstly ’cause I’ve got my Design degree to back up the two years i’m doing at the moment, secondly because I want to get out into the workplace, and THIRDLY it’ll cost me 4 grand for the 3rd year and I don’t get a student loan! So instead i’m looking at companies that I can target. At the moment my interest lies with model making, but I’ve only made one model and that might have been a complete fluke, that’s why I’m doing my live brief in stop motion, to see if I can do it and so that I have something to put in my portfolio.

The only company I’ve looked at so far is which is very unlikely, a bit of a dream job!
  1. Lee says:

    A fluke?! yeah it probably was…

    I am abit of a gayer, I'm on of the sixteen people in the world who don't have facebook, but surely that ship has sailed though? I don't think I could catch it even if I wanted to

  2. Lynsey Gray says:

    actually Lee i think you're only one of 4 people who don't have a facebook, the other three are my parents and one remaining grandparent!

  3. Lee says:

    hahaha. very good

  4. Lynsey Gray says:

    it's actually worse than that, the only reason Ma Gray doesn't have a facebook is because i keep conveniently forgetting to set it up for her!

  5. Lee says:

    Ha, scared of what she might find out if she becomes your freind eh?!

  6. Lynsey Gray says:

    haha maybe…