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Christmas Lettering Challenge

22 Jan 15

I love a nice bit of hand lettering, but have never really given it a go myself.

I started dabbling a little before Christmas and decided to set myself a challenge for December to do a line from a Christmas song every day up until Christmas Day.

Day one started off ok, I decided to vector up my lettering and make it look all pretty, but that kind of set the precedent for the rest of the challenge.

Eventually I got a little behind and soon enough I was sitting in bed from 1am – 2am each night drawing up the phrase and live tracing it to just get it done, meaning it wasn’t an exercise in practicing my lettering anymore, it was about just getting it done and posted!

So this year I’ve decided to aim to do one nice piece of lettering, in any medium, every couple of months – pretty excited at the idea of some embroidery! Hopefully, allowing myself to rework the pieces over time will mean I’ll learn a bit more and hone my skills!

In the meantime, here’s the pieces, in order, from the Christmas lettering Challenge.

christmas letter collage

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!