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01 Sep 15

I did it!

I finally completed a doodle-a-day challenge!

I’d been wanting to have a little play with icons for a while, and the doodle-a-day challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity as it provided me with a prompt everyday. Doing icons also meant that it was way more manageable than when I’ve attempted it in the past, and I really enjoyed it!

So here’s the final image with all 31 icons!

August Doodle-A-Day

I had been posting 4 at a time, every 4 days, as I didn’t want to bombard everyone on my Instagram with daily images, but I forgot to post days 21-31 on my blog, so if you do want to have a closer look you’ll find them here.

I found this a great exercise in making me think creatively on a daily basis, more often than not dismissing the first thing that came to mind, and trying to think of something more interesting to depict the word given.

As I enjoyed it so much, I decided to do it again for September! I didn’t want to do icons again, and I’d had a few ideas about how I wanted to tackle it, but have opted for a theme of no theme! I want each day to be different – different media, different ways of tackling the prompt, it might be design/illustration/lettering, even be a bit of crafting! I’m going to just use it as an excuse to experiment!

I can’t wait to see what the month brings!

If you want to join in, then you can find the September prompts on ElloLovey’s Instagram page!

Happy Doodling!


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