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Doodle-A-Day March: Day 1-4

06 Mar 16

This Month I’m once again attempting Doodle-A-Day!

I was spoilt for choice for prompts this month, but I went for the prompts from Ello Lovely again.

Last time I did the challenge I used it as an opportunity to experiment and played with different types of media too. This time I’m going to experiment a little again with different styles, and days 1-4 were certainly a little different to my usual style as I went for bright, neon colours and gradients.

So here’s Day 1 (‘Power’) and Day 2 (‘Round’)…

doodle a day 1-2

…and here’s Day 3 (‘Tropical’) and Day 4 (‘Gentle’)…

doodle a day 3-4

I’m not entirely sure what theme days 5-8 will be yet, as these ones didn’t start off this way originally, but I’ll be sticking to sets of 4!