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Doodle-A-Day March: Day 25-31

03 Apr 16

Well, it’s officially April, and this week I completed March Doodle-A-Day!

I enjoyed it this month, doing them in batches of 4 allowed me to play a little with different styles but create a few consistent images.

Firstly let’s catch up with days 25-28…

Day 25 was ‘Breakfast’ – something I don’t usually have, I generally go for a cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs! Day 26 was ‘Yard’, which made me think of American Football.


Day 27 was ‘Easter’, so of course it was going to be chocolate, and Day 28 was ‘Catch’


For the next lot I decided to go with some more simplified icons – I did a whole month of icons for doodle-a-day in August last year and really enjoyed it, so I decided to keep the last few simple.

Day 29 was ‘Preserve’, and Day 30 was ‘Pack’…


Day 31, the final day, was ‘Mega’, I went for a Megalodon, because who doesn’t love sharks, especially giant ones? To fill the gap I decided to do a little Doodle-A-Day logo in a similar style…


So that’s it! March is all done! And here the are all together…


This month I’m giving doodle a day a miss to work on some other little projects which I’ll be posting, which will hopefully add to my portfolio too :)