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25 Sep 15

I’ve been catching up with my doodles and here are days 11-18!

I played around a little bit more with these ones, trying a few different mediums as I’d been relying a little too much on illustrator.


Top Left: Day 11 – Blue – I went for a bird, and created it using layers of coloured card, which I then coloured with pencil. It didn’t work out quite how I wanted though.

Top Right: Day 12 – Remember – A geometric elephant, as elephants never forget.

Bottom Left: Day 13 – Grandparent – I’d wanted to have a go at making a 3D candy image in illustrator for a while (don’t ask me why, I’ve no idea, I wanted to play with the shineyness and transparency but in a vector format I guess) I figured this might be a good opportunity as ‘grandparent’ made me think of werther’s original.

Bottom Right: Day 14 – Produce – I went for fresh produce, and chose tomatoes. I played around with patterns but then I got the tomato song in my head and decided to use that instead and do some brush lettering with some water colour paints.


Top Left: Day 15 – Hat – Playing around with the copic markers again. A little Autumnal doodle.

Top Right: Day 16 – Build – I wanted the build aspect of this be that I actually made something, so I created this gingerbread house using an Amazon delivery envelope, and used the perforated edge as the edging for the roof, then doodled all over it with chalk pens. They were a little on the chunky side so its messier than Id have preferred, but it’s still kind of cute!

Bottom Left: Day 17 – Athletic – For this one I’d planned to do something inspired by attending the Blenham Triathlon over the summer, I was spending a little too much time faffing on with it, and had planned to spend no more than 30 mins to an hour per day on the doodles, so I ended up playing round with just the bike instead.

Bottom Right: Day 18 – Spy – A disguise, just what every spy needs when they’re undercover!

I have a few more crafty ones coming up before the end of the month too!