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30 Sep 15

Well, September is over! And that means that September Doodle-A-Day is too.

I didn’t make it to the end of the month, but I made it pretty far, and a few of the pieces I did were more time consuming than I had planned, so I’m not too worried about it!

Here are the final bunch, Days 19 – 26…


Top Left: Day 19 – Something Sweet – I think this is my favourite of the month. I made a yarn pom pom for the ice cream, made the cone from felt and embroidered the detail, then made the sprinkles by snipping up bits of yarn. It was definitely the most time consuming, mainly due to the stitching on the cone.

Top Right: Day 20 – Uniform – The Queens Guard

Bottom Left: Day 21 – Bumpy – I used water colour paper which had the bumpy texture, and decided I wanted to play with patterns again, and chose pineapples as they themselves have a bumpy texture. I painted the pineapples with water colour, then once it had dried, drew the details on in pen.

Bottom Right: Day 22 – Attraction – Thinking along the lines of attraction-chemistry-love, and created a quick little illustration with overlapping layers.


Top Left: Day 23 – Balance – After the ice cream I wanted to play with felt more. The final piece is a circus seal balancing a ball, all the pieces are cut from felt and then I added embroidered details.

Top Right: Day 24 – Fast – Just a simple one, but I chose to d0 a Singer Porsche solely because of my boyfriend who is a car geek.

Bottom Left: Day 25 – Knowledge – A favourite Einstein Quote

Bottom Right: Day 26 – Look – Alice Through the Looking Glass

I really enjoyed this month. It was way more time consuming, but playing around with some different things like fabric, water colours and cut outs, was a lot of fun.

I think I’ll give the next few month a miss, but I’m looking forward to having a go at a few more monthly challenges in the new year, possibly sticking to themes though, maybe patterns, a full month of lettering, or maybe a craft themed one.