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19 Sep 15


So I’ve been on holiday for a week (which was lovely), but now I’m back and I’m still catching up with my doodle-a-day’s, but I also forgot to post the ones from before I left, so here’s a mini dump of images for you!

Doodle Dump

Clockwise from top left:

Day 5 – Transparent – a collage created in illustrator using different textures

Day 7  – Labor/Labour – I really struggled with an idea I liked for this one, in the end I played around with images of tools in illustrator and was really happy with the kaleidoscopic results!

Day 9 – Inspirational Quote – This was a forgotten doodle I found in my sketchbook a few days earlier, so I decided to just clean it up and use it for the days image.

Day 8 – Wander – I decided it was time to do some lettering when this one came around – hand drawn and then tinkered with in illustrator.

I haven’t included Day 6 as I used an image from my portfolio, but you can see it here. I had plans for Day 10, but packing and prepping for my holiday got in the way so I kinda missed it out, I may go back at the end and finish it though.

I’m still enjoying experimenting with different techniques, and have a few more new things coming up, so watch this space… or, y’know, my instagram