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04 Sep 15

The prompt for Day 4 is ‘Spark’.

I knew when I started the challenge that I wanted to have a go at making a GIF at some point, as I wasn’t sure how to and would have to learn.

I had a few ideas for Spark but settled on Sparkler as I knew it would be straight forward to animate and I could do it within my time limit. I also didn’t want to make it too challenging as it was more about learning how to make a GIF.

I started by illustrating my sparkler and then created 10 versions where the sparks were varied.


Turns out that making a GIF is pretty straight forward after all. I just imported all my images into photoshop, created a timeline with each layer as a frame, exported as a GIF and tah dah!

So not the challenge I expected, but still, I know how to do it now and that was the point!

I’m pretty pleased with the result, and all done before I started work this morning :)

Day 3 Spark

Mind you, I prefer the version on my Instagram as I used a filter which I think improves the glow!

All this miserable rainy weather, and now playing with sparklers, has me all excited about Winter and Bonfire Night!