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Embroidered Experiments

02 Apr 15

So after I did my Fries Before Guys image, I thought it might be fun as an embroidery, so last week I pulled a bunch of stuff out of my craft cupboard and gave it a go.

Firstly, “Fries before guys” just seemed a little too long, I figured I’d start with one word. I created it in illustrator then madeĀ another version that was just the outline to make it easier to trace onto fabric.


I used some calico I had knocking about, but in hindsight I should have backed it with interfacing if I’d had any as the fabric was very thin. I think it could come out pretty well, and I like the idea of using a traditional medium for a contemporary design, but after two letters I could see the fabric was just too thin and being pulled out of shape, so it’s off to the interweb to buy some interfacing for a second attempt!