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17 Apr 16

Recently a friend of mine posted on Facebook about a Charity she’d signed up for.

It’s called Free Cakes for Kids.

I love baking, and don’t really do it as often as I’d like as it ends up with me stuffing my face with whatever baked treats I’ve made, so this seemed like a good opportunity to do something I enjoy, for a good cause, and with the added benefit of not gaining all the weight!

I went on the website and found a co-ordinator in my local area and sent off an email.

A couple of days later an email came through with a few requests for cakes, one of which was due on a weekend I was available to bake, so I jumped on it.

I was to bake a cake for a little girl called Jumana, who would be turning 4 and loves “Disney Princesses, especially Sophia the First, Tangled and Snow White, and the colour pink”.

I couldn’t wait to get stuck in, and started planning what I wanted to make.

I opted for a tangled theme, and decided to buy a little cake figure for the top so she could keep it afterwards.


Apologies for the terrible quality photos, I only took a couple on my phone the evening before I delivered it.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this, though it was a challenge – I’d massively underestimated how difficult fondant can be, and how hard it is to get a nice neat finish! But once I had delivered it to the shelter Jumana was at, it was so worth all the stressing.

Baking a special birthday cake for a child who lives in a homeless shelter, or is in care, or may have parents who for various reasons are unable to go buy a cake or make one themselves, might seem like a small thing, but making them feel special on their birthday can make a huge difference to them.

If you want to get involved then go to and register with a local co-ordinator and get baking!