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Happy Little Cloud

13 Mar 16

Earlier this week I popped into Tiger. I’m a bit obsessed with the place and can’t walk out without purchasing a bunch of unnecessary items.

This time I noticed they had what looked like lino cutting tools so figured they must sell lino too. As it turns out, they don’t, but they do have a pretty great little alternative…

I picked up a pack of two stamping plates (see below) for £2. They’re kind of like a giant erasers but they’re ideal for a little printing project as they’re cheap and easy to cut. They come with some small sheets of tracing paper included, so you just draw your design in pencil, put it face down onto the rubber and the graphite transfers onto it so you have a template to cut around. Super simple! I went for a cute little rain cloud – nothing too adventurous as I was more curious about how well it would work than what I was actually producing…


I had my own cutting tools already, so I can’t comment on the Tiger ones, but it was super easy to cut through the rubber, and the coloured layers are a handy guide to make sure you’re taking off enough of the top layer to make a clean print!

As it’s rubber and not Lino, it can have a tendency to tear when you’re trying to shave off smaller parts, so I had to sacrifice two of my raindrops after a mishap, but it was no big deal.

For a small project taking no more then an hour it was a lot of fun – obviously you can’t get the detail and precision you do with lino, but if you’re new to lino cutting and want to do a practice run, or have kids who want to have a go, then this is ideal (provided you watch them with the sharp tools!).

I used some printing ink and a roller I already had, but I’m sure you could just use some paints if you’re just playing around.


It has given me a hankering for some proper lino now though as its been a good few years since I had any! Might as well add it to my ever growing list of projects! :)