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Just a quickie…

08 Jul 11
I created a few quick bird sketches for something I was doing this week, this was super fast but it kinda forced me to move away from the way I had been doing digital painting for the portraits and use a much rougher painting style, which as it turns out still kinda works, I left on the sketchy outline too, and overall I quite like it! It took about 20-30 mins max to do the bird, then I just dropped it onto a background and added a texture using a doily image I found…
  1. Len Allwood says:

    I love It.

  2. Len Allwood watermelon pips says:

    The form is perfect.

  3. John Reed says:

    I like the Blue Tit Lynsey, they used to strike this pose before pecking holes in the tops of our Milk Bottles (we soon learned to put a cover over the bottle holder!). When did the Milkman and Milk Bottles on the step vanish in your home area??