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Lance Loves Lola

02 Jul 12

When I found out that Felt Mistress was doing a London workshop I immediately snapped up two tickets, luckily when I asked Charlie Sews if she’d like to go she was as excited as me!

So on Saturday 30th June we tootled off to Foyles and met the lovely lady herself and she showed us how to make some awesome monsters.

We each chose a brown bag containing all the bits we needed to create a monster, and were given the choice of colour scheme too, and there was a bunch of trimmings, buttons and additional felt to use, alongside templates for additional features so we could go crazy and customise the monsters however we wanted.

I nabbed a bag with the turquoise felts (I’m a sucker for turquoise) and Charlie Sews went for the pinks and purples – so we instantly decided, as I was clearly making a male monster and she was making a female, that they were destined to be together.

I wanted to add lots of detail to my monster so I picked up a few additonal colours – purple & orange, and some black for his accessories – a big ‘tash was top of my list of must-haves so I cut that out first, followed by the glasses and nose, and I used one of the existing pieces from the bag for his chest hair…

The first thing I sewed was the chest hair, sewing on a pattern to keep it in place rather than sewing around the edge of the piece. The next bit was the nose, and Charlie Sews very kindly taught me how to to blanket stitch (finally! it’s about time I learned!) so that I could put a little stuffing in it. The hard job was attaching the eyes, adding these was as far as I got during the workshop, then we packed up and headed home (via Bodeans for a pulled pork sandwich. yum). Once home we both couldn’t wait to crack on, so I sewed on the ‘tash, tacked the nose and glasses in place, sewed on the eyebrows, and gave him some nipples…

That was more than enough work for one night, but the next day I was back at it, giving Lance (as he was now named) some orange trousers, and a sequined belt. Most importantly, before sewing him up, I gave him a tattoo – ‘Lola’ emblazoned on a pink heart – it must be love!

So here he is, Lance, in all his nipple bearing glory. I’d strongly recommend going along if Felt Mistress does any more workshops, it was so much fun and we met some really lovely folk.

If you’d like to meet Lola, the love of Lance’s life, you should check out Charlie Sews’ blog as she’ll be posting photos soon :)