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Mission (almost) accomplished…

03 Dec 09

The plan for today was to rework the story for my live brief, rework the storyboards and finalize my character designs. Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of it done. I did a few things off my ‘PPD to do’ list instead, just odd little bits and bobs so that took up my morning.

This afternoon I did manage to work on the storyline for my live brief, I changed quite a few bits though, to explain this I did a page explaining it for the Development in my sketchbook. I also typed up the storyline in a script format which I hadn’t planned on doing. 
As far as character designs go I hit a bit of a wall. Nothing I was drawing looked right, so I was getting frustrated with it. In the end I coloured two of them up (see below) though they’re bit rubbish. I need to find out if I need to do proper character boards for every character as I have about 8 at the moment, hopefully i will only need to do one for the two main characters and can just do a few scribbles for the supporting characters. These drawings will do for now for when it comes to dressing the figures. 
Hopefully tomorrow I can sit down with my lecturer and figure out what I need to order to start making it all!