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Neon Niceties

10 Jan 16

Last summer I started playing around with patterns a lot – they were a fun way to experiment with different techniques – and a few people even suggested turning some into fabric using Spoonflower, which I’ve actually been looking in to!

I’ve continued to experiment, creating new patterns and trying to tweak older ones to work better when tiling for fabric prints, and one I created this month was inspired by my current location… Las Vegas!

This particular one was inspired by the sign from the Neon Museum (their Neon Boneyard sign) which is super kitsch and vintage with it’s neon stars. The museum itself is awesome, I’ll post more about that soon!

Here’s a close up of a section of the pattern…

neon pattern rep copy

And here’s the pattern across a larger area – I think it would make a pretty great 50’s style dress!

neon pattern rep copy

I really do enjoy these, and I’m contemplating making one of my doodle-a-day monthly challenges a pattern themed one, so keep an eye out! :)