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15 Jan 15

So as I mentioned in my last post, as well as the normal resolutions, I’ve done a list of crafty resolutions.

They’re pretty much the same ones I make every year… the same projects that need finished that I just can’t bring myself to do… just… because…

Because I get excited about a new pattern on ravelry, a new idea on pinterest, or I just buy more new yarn to play with.

But seriously, they need done, it’s getting ridiculous now, and I keep adding to the list without finishing stuff.

So here’s the main ones for the year ahead…


1. Hardknott Socks – I started these before Christmas 2013, but then they got put on the back burner while I got stuck into making Christmas gifts. In 2014 I finally managed to finish off sock 1, but am yet to start sock 2.

2. Lacy Accent Doily – My Ravelry page informs me I started this in October 2012… oops… but in my defence I did actually finish it, I just wasn’t happy with it, so I intended to go back and redo the last few rounds.

3. Spain Socks – Using a pattern I’d already made and replacing the lace panel with plain moss/seed stitch- I started them in March 2013 whilst on holiday in Spain (hence the name). I finished one sock, but am yet to start the second (you may notice a pattern emerging here, I believe the scientific term is Second Sock Syndrome).

4. Crochet Circle Blanket – This was intended to be a large blanket, so this may end up running well past 2015, but as I haven’t actually done any work on it since 2013, my aim is to at least make some progress.

5. Ripple blanket – I only just started this at the beginning of December 2014, so it’s not been on the list long, but I’d like to think that it wont still be on my list in 2018.

6. African Flower Throw – The longest going dated WIP on the list – this one started in August 2012 – it’s not even that big, I’m going along with it until I run out of yarn, which isn’t that far off to be honest.

7. Christmas Granny Star Blanket – started in November 2013, and incomplete for the last 2 Christmases, I think it might be time to finish this one, in time for Christmas 2015.

8. Felty projects – ok so I’m cheating here and this is actually two ongoing projects… one is a gift that I’m still yet to finish, and the other is a puppet I made for halloween 2012 – I finished it enough to use it with my Halloween costume, but it wasn’t really complete.

9. Emily Peacock Hug Cushion – Not gonna lie, I’m not even sure when I started this. Probably back in the 80’s or something – that’s the way it feels anyway. Every time I come across it I try to pretend I haven’t seen it, but I think it’s time to finish this sucker off once and for all.

As well as these there are also some ongoing projects, like my paper piecing quilt (though I’m under no illusions that that will be completed any time in the next decade), and the odd birthday present most likely will crop up, but these are the main sticky WIPs that just wont go away, and I’m determined to make 2015 the year they vanish from the basket once and for all.

There’s also a bunch of stuff filling drawers and cupboards that I want to finally make use of… let’s not talk about the 4 year old sewing machine that is yet to be set up…

So to boil it down to a few simple crafty resolutions:

1. Finish off WIPs before starting any new personal projects (gifts for others with actual deadlines don’t count).

2. Aim for 95% of the time to be using up my current stash before buying new supplies.

Have you got any sticky WIPs that just never budge?



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