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The Neon Museum

17 Jan 16

Earlier this month I spent a week or so in Vegas, it was for work, but I also managed to fit some fun stuff in too.

I’d never been to Vegas before, but one thing I’d always wanted to see, if I ever got the opportunity, was the Neon Museum.


The Neon Museum is a non profit organisation that collects and restores old Las Vegas signs, and, well, basically, it’s an Instagrammers dream!

I just about managed to get tickets for the night time tour, where they have a few restored lights turned on, and the rest are “dramatically lit”, and it was so worth it. The tours are great as they tell you a lot about the history of vegas, the casinos, and the signs themselves – the designers and the techniques behind making them.


Needless to say I took about 500 photos! These are just a small handful.

If you’re in Vegas, I’d highly recommend checking it out, but book in advance for the night time tours as they tend to sell out.